Sunday, October 15, 2006

More On VCon 31

Just came across two other favourable reviews for VCon31. Check out author Robert J. Sawyer’s blog entry from October 10th:
And another from Ahmed A. Khan that Sawyer recommends on his site:
I’ve gotta say, one of my regrets about not being able to take in Saturday & Sunday at the con was that I wasn’t able to meet Sawyer and congratulate him on an amazing body of work. My favourites among his novels are “Calculating God” and “Flash Forward”. Sawyer is a writer who excels at combining high concept plot points like being able to get a glimpse of the future with hard science to form the background of stories involving believable, three-dimensional characters. Admittedly, I’m not a ravening fan who grabs everything he publishes as soon as it’s out – I haven’t bothered to pick up the last couple of issues of Analog just to get my hands on the serialization of his newest creation “Rollback”, but you can bet that once the installments have been gathered and printed out in the form of a single novel, I’ll add it to my collection at some point. I haven’t come across a Sawyer novel yet that hasn’t been a good read.


Ahmed A. Khan said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. You say that Rob Sawyer recommended it on his website. I tried to find that recommendation but could not. Is there anyway you could point me in the right direction?


Robin Shantz said...

Any time, Ahmed!

Sawyer mentioned you in the "comments" section attached to his Tuesday, October 10th, 2006 entry "VCon a success". He's made an entry in the comment thread - I think it's the 5th one down
saying "There's a very nice write-up on VCon here." which links to your blog.
On the strength of his recommendation, I came, I saw, I applauded. Seeing as how I was only able to attend on Friday, I was quite interested to see how things went during the rest of the Con. And I got a chuckle out of your quandry over which panel discussion to attend when there were two good ones during the same hour (I had to make a decision or two like that myself - I think that's a sign of how good a job the Con organizers did in choosing panelists and discussion themes).
Always good to get a different perspective on the event as a whole too, especially when it's thoughtful and well-informed.