Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Mainstream Pop Culture Nod To A Frakkin' Good Show

This month’s edition of Vancouver Magazine has a nice column by Laurel Wellman tucked away inside called “Geek Like Me – Hands up: who’s a Battlestar Galactica fan?” (sorry folks, the mag site’s a bit of a disappointment, this particular piece is yet not available online) Wellman writes about BSG’s growing popularity, from acceptance by mainstream critics (whatever that’s worth), to non-SF-fans watching the show, to die-hard fanboys holding fan club meetings (such as “The 13th Colony” gatherings at the Tim Horton’s donut shop in Royal Centre) and throwing Frak Parties to celebrate the season premiers. Nothing terribly new to SF fans who enjoy the show, but it’s nice to see yet another mainstream pop culture mainstay like VM giving it a respectful nod.
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