Saturday, September 08, 2007

Aurora Nominations

The list of the finalists nominated for the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association’s Aurora Awards is out.
Unfortunately, I can’t say I’ve read any of the finalists for best long-form work in English (released in 2006) – yet. I am glad, however, that R. Scott Bakker’s steaming pile “The Thousandfold Thought” didn’t make it onto the roster.
The short stuff on the other hand… I’m really glad James Alan Gardner’s “All the Cool Monsters at Once” made the final ballot. And yeah, it was one of the ones I voted for. As for the others, I’ve read Karin Lowachee’s “This Ink Feels Like Sorrow” and Hayden Trenholm’s “Lumen Essence”, but ‘Ink doesn’t stick out in my mind at all and my impression of ‘Lumen was a resounding “meh”. Didn’t read Rob Sawyer or John Mierau’s yarns.
Looking forward to seeing who takes the win at Vcon 32/Canvention 27 here in town in October.

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