Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Why Sam's Girlfriend on "Reaper" really is the Devil's Daughter

Warning: spoilers (spoilage factor – about the same as piece of French bread left on the counter for a couple of days – still edible if you need stuffing for a roast hen, but otherwise…)

“Reaper” continues to be one hell of a funny show and lately a new plotline (beyond their usual hunting of escaped souls) has been added that’s kept Sam and his cohorts busy guessing: is his new girlfriend, Katie, the Devil’s daughter?

We first met the very hot Katie at the end of last week’s episode, where Sam got to know the Devil’s on-again-off-again girlfriend while doing his job (both jobs, actually). At the end of the episode, we find out she’s got a daughter who’s about the right age to have been the product of her unknowing flirtation with the forces of evil. Sock and Ben are immediately suspicious, while Sam tries to convince himself it just ain’t so. This week’s episode continues to dwell on the question, when Sam and his sidekicks aren’t up to their usual ghostbusting antics, with Sock and Ben taking their investigation to new heights – or lows. By the final act, they think they’ve found a satisfactory answer – though not satisfying in any way relating to their mystery, and it is Sam who suddenly isn’t so sure.

And so the question remains: Is Katie the Devil’s daughter?

I submit to you that yes, she is, for one very simple reason:

It is not because she’s old enough to have been conceived during the Devil’s relationship with her mother…

It is not because Sock & Ben missed a piece of crucial evidence during the hot tub incident – they didn’t…

It is not even because of all the dead flowers and animals.

No, the proof that Katie is the Devil’s daughter is that she loves the movie “Highlander II: The Quickening”.

Anyone who enjoys that cinematic abomination obviously should be held suspect – for atrociously bad taste if nothing else, but perhaps for more nefarious motives too. I met someone many years ago who summed-up the whole “Highlander” franchise very nicely: There should be only one.


Andrea Cammarata said...

also -- when sam put the glasses on, only half of her face was shown (normal) the other half??? she is half human so that to me was a huge clue since we only saw half! can't wait for it to start up again in january!

Robin Shantz said...

Agreed, pops! With "Reaper" and BSG resuming, January can't come soon enough!