Monday, April 07, 2008

Another Lucky Bastard

A buddy of mine was at a Canucks game the other night (no, that’s not what makes him lucky – the level of play from the damn Canuckleheads is far too inconsistent [with the exception of Luongo, who rocks] to make seeing one of their games lucky) and got to hang out for the whole evening with Aaron Douglas – Battlestar Galactica’s Chief Galen Tyrol. My buddy was watching the game in a corporate box with a couple of other guys, one of whom, the box-getter, is a Battlestar fan. Apparently Douglas was in a regular seat nearby, and one of the arena staff, knowing of boxboy’s fandom, asked Douglas if he’d like to come up and be their guest. Douglas accepted and ended up spending the game with them. My friend said Douglas was a pretty good guy and it was (aside from the game sucking) an enjoyable evening shooting the breeze. Wanna know what the irony is? This friend of mine (not the boxboy, mind you) isn’t a Battlestar fan himself. He hasn’t gotten around to watching the series yet. The luck of some people…

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