Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Holy Sith! ...er, well, you know what I mean

I was doing my morning media checks as usual today at work when I stumbled on this strange little item on the CBC site, courtesy of Canadian Press and Associated Press: a court in Wales has handed a 27-year-old man a suspended sentence and ordered him to make payments to two other men he attacked back in March. But there’s a geek angle to the whole sordid tale. Our villain was dressed as Darth Vader at the time of the assaults. His victims: two of the founders of the Jedi Church in Britain. The whole thing was caught on video, with the Sith-wannabe yelling “Darth Vader! Jedis!” as he came at the two, er, Masters, wielding not a red light saber, but a metal crutch. Seems the Force was not with this dark lord of the shit disturbers, rather, it was intoxication brought on by the 10 litre box of wine he’d drunk beforehand. Sounds like somebody should have stuck to drinking blue milk.

And you thought things got ugly between fanboys when someone tossed the old Enterprise vs a Star Destroyer debate into the ring!
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