Sunday, July 13, 2008

Quck! To the Fanmobile!!!

You never know what you’re gonna see on the roads these days. Amidst all the duallies, extra-loud non-muffling mufflers, neon lights, bumper stickers, stuffed toys in the back window and paraphernalia hanging from rear-view mirrors, sometimes, just sometimes, an SF fanboy or girl will stand out from the crowd of hipsters with a little bit of geek pride.

About five weeks ago, I saw (barely) just such an example of a fan strutting their stuff. One sunny weekend afternoon as my wife was at the wheel, my distance vision post-op just starting to return, while we were getting on the on-ramp of the Arthur Lang Bridge on the Vancouver Marpole side heading for Richmond, we saw a little black car, a Volkswagen GTI, I think, sporting a BC plate with the license: CTHULU. I guess even the old ones need a fuel-efficient, easy to park, yet sporty little car to get around in. I seem to recall a posting on SF Signal quite a while ago with a photo of a car with a similar Lovecraftian brag-tag in Virginia or someplace in the US.

Not two weeks later, driving through Tsawwassen, we found ourselves behind something much sillier: a little quarter-ton pickup boasting the plate: MC LUVN. Okay, so this one wasn’t an SF-mobile, but I figured I’d give a nod to another type of dedicated fanboy anyway.

What’s the most fannish car you’ve seen on the road?
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