Friday, September 26, 2008

Bigfoot vs. the Big Fools of the Political Arena

A new poll here in Canada indicates the myth of a monster in the woods is more believable than the myth of an honest politician.

As this country lurches towards its federal election next month, an article in yesterday’s Vancouver Sun highlighted a new poll done for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation that asked whether it was more likely that scientists would prove the existence of Bigfoot (the mythical creature said to inhabit the forests of BC) or that politicians would keep their election promises.

58% of those surveyed believe it’s more likely the Sasquatch will be proven to be real.

Just 27% of respondents bought into the notion of a politician keeping his word.

Not surprising given the state of political affairs right now with our choice between the tyrannical Tories, the lame-duck Liberals, the not-a-clue NDP, the get-a-grip Greens, and the gaggle of independents and fringe parties, never mind the b.s. Bloc in Quebec. The real myth is that any one of them could inspire voter confidence right about now. This isn’t a poll that shows Canadian voters are gullible or stupid – far from it, it shows that we see through to the heart of the matter, and that we see politicians to be insubstantial and thus of less value than an entertaining story to tell around a campfire. Culture over bluster.

But I think the real question with this poll is what did the other 15% of respondents believe? Were they simply undecided? (which still speaks volumes)

Or is that too simple? Maybe they believe that Bigfoot would keep his election promises if he were a politician! Imagine a Monster Party victory in Parliament! They could rename the Prime Minister’s official residence from "24 Sussex Drive" to “24 Sasquatch Drive”!

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