Thursday, October 30, 2008

BLITWOTW - Anyone know what's with the lights?

Okay, I'm up waaaaaay too late wandering around the 'net and baking cookies for Friday's office Hallowe'en party, but I had to post this note to anyone who may be watching:

What the hell's with all the lights in the sky?

I mean, in the first place, it's cloudy around these parts - your typical Lower Mainland autumn night - hanging on the verge of rain. I shouldn't be seeing anything up there! I know we've got the international airport here in Richmond and occasionally they divert traffic over the neighbourhood, but not like this... they're all coming down, and not in the direction of the airport either! The lights are the wrong colours too.

Anyone know if we're due for a meteor shower this time of year? But if it's rocks, how come they're moving so slow?

Are there supposed to be old satellites scheduled to come down or something? Wouldn't they be brought down over the sea?

I think I'll stay up for a bit longer. The boss is gonna kill me if I come in like a zombie from lack of sleep tomorrow, but what the hell, you don't see a show like this often in a lifetime, do ya?

If anyone else out there knows what's going on, leave a note with the details. Thanks.

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