Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mind Melded over on SF Signal

I received a nice surprise the other day, an invitation from the guys over at SF Signal to take part in this week's Mind Meld.

The Mind Meld is a regular feature where they pose a question to various people in the SF community, from writers to critics, editors and commentators, then once the participants have weighed-in, the floor is open to comments.

This week's question was: "What were the best genre-related books, movies and/or shows you consumed in 2008?" Participants were allowed to list not just the new stuff released this past year, but also anything old that they happened to encounter this year that really stuck out in their memories. The subject garnered such a big response from the participants that they had to break it into two seperate posts. Here's the link to Part 1, and here's the link to Part 2.

It was a real honour to participate in this discussion and get to stand in the shadows of giants like Mike Resnick and Kit Reed. But even if I hadn't been involved, this topic still would have been a treat - think about it, a huge list of bests to consider - it's the ultimate holiday gift buying guide for geeks!

But, most importantly, be sure to check out SF Signal for all of their other great content - the Mind Melds are just the tip of the iceberg.

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