Saturday, May 09, 2009

Strangely quiet at the movies

There is a force in the universe more powerful than the new Trek
movie: the NHL playoffs.

It's the opening weekend for Trek, and the film has received good
reviews from fans and non-fans alike, and yet just moments ago, as I
stood at the front of the line outside the cinema, and now as I sit in
the semi-darkness inside, it's strangely quiet. Just 7 or so back in
the line; maybe 30 or so now in a theatre that could seat 350. Quite a
change from last night when we tried (and failed) to attend and the
joint was so packed, we couldn't even get in the front door.

Sure, it's a sunny evening - the first we've had in a week or so, but
that's never kept my fellow geeks (and the mainstream audiences just
looking for a summer SFX popcorn spectacular to while away the hours)
from turning out before.

It's gotta be The Game. The 5th battle between our big hairy Canucks
and Chicago. Around these parts, just because you frequent a comic
shop or know what a tribble is, doesn't mean you don't pull on a
jersey and cheer for the team.

So how come I'm not out there scrabbling by the fingernails to get
onto the bandwagon with everyone else? A lack of consistency on the
part of the Canuckleheads. I've been waiting to see Trek for a while
now, and I'm reasonably sure it won't disappoint. The Canucks on the
other hand... Fans have been waiting for years for a Stanley Cup, and
they're still disappointed.

Canucks vs Blackhawks? I'll take Federation vs Romulans.

Ah. The theatre's filling up pretty quickly now. Guess I'm not the
only SF-minded cynic in town.

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