Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mad Rush to the Door

Damn. Missed out on today's deadline for early registration to VCon 34! Guess that means I'll have to hoof it to the hotel on the opening Friday after work to get my admission and see if I can snag a con T-shirt before they're all sold out.

Ah well, the full price of admission is pretty reasonable, especially given that this year's choice of venue is the Marriott in Downtown Vancouver. Never been in that hotel before, but it's in the upscale part of Downtown, and let's face it, anything's worth the price compared to last year's event in the squalid depths of Newton in Surrey (the neighbourhood was something out of a B-budget post-apocalyptic adventure movie from the 70's - as were many of the locals!) This hotel should be quick and easy to access too - just a couple of blocks west of the new Canada Line station at Waterfront.

No sign of the schedule on the con website yet. That being said, they've done a reasonably good job in the past of slotting in interesting topics (though some of last year's did seem to be a tad repetitious when compared to the previous year) and bringing in good panelists.

WorldCon just last month... VCon just a couple of weeks ahead... by Hallowe'en I'll be absolutely twitchy with residual geek overload!

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