Thursday, October 22, 2009

Like Giants in the Playground

I'm feeling a lot like Babylon 5's John Sheridan these days when I flick on the TV and I'm forced to watch Canada's big TV networks fight it out with the cable companies. It's "like giants in the playground".

Each fires volley after volley of propaganda at the other (sometimes back-to-back) for weeks on end as each tries to convince the public that their side is right. It's like watching the Vorlons and Shadows tear into each other. Cable companies keep gouging consumers. Meanwhile, the broadcast companies don't give a shit about viewers and, contrary to what they claim, have been killing off local programming and automating or closing local stations for years (the supper hour news doesn't really count as "local" when only 10-15 minutes of content are local news; these stations haven't produced other local programming for a long time: you sure as hell won't find them producing their own kids shows like The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, or Buckley 'n Beave, or The Uncle Bobby Show anymore). The reality is, neither of them really gives a damn about what the consumers want - they just want our money.

Makes me feel like barking "Now get the hell out of our galaxy! Both of you!"
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