Sunday, July 11, 2010

VCON Site Gets a Retro Facelift

As VCON - the Vancouver Convention of Science Fiction and Fantasy - gears up for its 35th annual gathering this fall, organizers have given the con site a steampunk facelift and it's lookin' pretty cool.

The old site design was never much to look at (like I'm one to talk!), with a generic black background, info in various columns, the Robotter, the con's official mascot, displayed prominently.

But this year organizers have decided to go with the theme: "Steampunk - from Alchemy to Zepplins" and they've tooled the site to match... sepia and brass colouring, gold leaf scrollwork, gears aplenty and a vintage Victorian poster kind of a feel. The Time Traveller and Captain Nemo would be right at home. Of course, the Robotter still adorns each page, as it should.

In keeping with the steampunk theme, Boneshaker author Cherie Priest has been invited as the con's Author Guest of Honour.

VCON 35 runs October 1-3.

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