Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Great Nerdy Songstress

Nerdiness is the new chic for up and coming singer-entertainers - at least for young women posting their performances to Youtube. The latest is Victoria, BC's Amy Lee Radigan (way to go, Island girl!) who's hitting it big with her song "Nerdy Girls Need Love Too". A friend and fellow geek sent me the link the other day. It's got a folksy sound to it, but it's funny and full of references to Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory and other pillars of geekdom and is certainly worth listening to.

Apparently the video came to the attention of author Neil Gaiman (Radigan's holding a copy of Gaiman's The Sandman Preludes and Nocturnes in one shot), who then tweeted about it, included a link, and called it "ridiculously sweet". There's a more flushed-out story on Radigan's sudden appearnce in the spotlight in a recent issue of the Vancouver Sun.

This newest SF chanteuse follows in the footsteps of Rachel Bloom, whose hilariously raunchy "Fuck Me Ray Bradbury" exploded onto the scene last summer (and eventually earned her an audience with the old master himself).

My only question (and this applies to both Radigan and Bloom): does this stuff count as filk, or is it something else?

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