Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Christmas Comes Late

Christmas came nearly three months late this year, but I'm not complaining! The Ghostbusters hockey jersey my wife ordered for me finally arrived in the mail today.

I saw a jersey like this (not quite the same) in the dealers' room back in '09 at the Montreal Worldcon and it was one of my regrets that I passed it up. I'd mentioned it in passing and that wonderful woman remembered. In the lead-up to Christmas this past year, she hit the net and track
ed down a guy back east who does custom batches of geek-inspired jerseys.

There were some pretty cool "team" outfits up for grabs on his site. I was especially impressed with his The Last Starfighter-inspired jersey, and the one for the Stark Direwolves was so good I almost - almost - wavered in my desire for Ghostbusters. In the end, I stood firm, but winter will be coming again soon enough, and I may just have to
add a Direwolf jersey, with "Snow" listed as the player, next year.

Bonus points for my wife: she ordered a TARDIS jersey for herself. Hasn't arrived yet though. Will post when it comes in.

Admittedly, you won't be seeing me sporting this thing on the ice. Unlike most Canadians, I can't skate to save my life. That said, I think it'll do well enough at cons over the next few years.

For those who are interested, I don't have the guy's site address close at hand, but when my wife digs it out of her files, I'll be sure to post the link.

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