Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Battlestar Galactica

So let's say you were watching the Battlestar Galactica spinoff movie Blood and Chrome recently, and you got nostalgic for the series that started it all (well, the remake of the series that started it all, because the old series sucked), and you started rewatching BSG, and you got it into your head that you'd like to visit the Colonies, or Kobol, or Earth, or the other Earth, or any of the pitstops along the way (not literally, of course, but the sometimes beautiful, sometimes grimy places where they were shot), how would you go about doing it? Why, you'd visit Battlestar Galactica Filming Locations, of course.

This cool site came to my attention a little while ago when one of its resident battlestar scouts got in touch with me to see about borrowing some of the photos my sister-in-law took of the set (photos in the posts Beach Blanket Battlestar and Look what else washed up on the beach) of the ruins of Earth (or Centennial Beach in the village of Tsawwassen, Corporation of Delta, as locals know it) back just before the beginning of the 2007-2008 Hollywood writers' strike. But aside from the potential bias involved in a relative's photos possibly getting reposted there, I'd still highly recommend the site to BSG fans, especially those with an interest in visiting set locations.

It's a nice looking site, and easy to navigate. Lots of pictures, both from the series and from the set pilgrimages of the site's authors, which are handy in helping you figure out exactly what to look for when you go there yourself, and to help you get your impression of your favourite character's in-scene pose just right when you take the obligatory fan-on-location photo. Even more important: maps, trip resource PDFs, and links to other sites with info - good to have, whether you're poking around the SFU campus, navigating the back alleys of Vancouver, or heading into the hills outside of Kamloops.

Now, get the frak over there and start planning your BSG trip!

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