Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Now with More Irregularity

I'm irregular!

Wait, that doesn't sound good for anybody.

I'm an irregular!

Still not quite right. Sounds like a downtrodden caste in some dystopian YA novel. Let's try something else...

I'm one of the Irregulars!

Yeah. That'll do.

A bit of good news to pass along: I've been invited to join the most ancient and esteemed order of the SF Signal Irregulars.

As many of your know, I've been a big fan of SF Signal for a long time – since shortly after it was launched, in fact. John and his team of contributors, known as the "Irregulars," have been offering up interesting reviews, engaging discussions, eminently listenable podcasts, and plenty of nerd-related news for 12 years now.

During that time, I've left the occasional comment, and it's been my privilege to have participated in a couple of Mind Melds. Not too long ago, John floated the idea of my joining the Irregulars, and I had to ask myself "Self (because, in the words of the late, great George Carlan: I do so enjoy good conversation), how can I say no?" Well, I couldn't! Who wouldn't want to be part of this awesome team?

So here we are, all Irregular. For starters, I'll be one of the site's army of book reviewers, but there may be opportunities for other things later – we'll see whether they can tolerate my Canadian spelling, awful sense of humour, and steadfast refusal to give up my worship of donuts in favour of bagels. Seriously though, I'm pretty excited about being a small part of SF Signal.

Really seriously though: donuts are much better than bagels.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to blather away here on bloginhood.com as usual. More mini book reviews, the occasional rehash of Saturday morning cartoons, grumblings about movies and TV shows, exhausted mumblings at the end of the day from whatever con I happen to be attending, and whatever else catches my attention. And I'm working on something special for later this year or early next... but no spoilers.

Stay tuned for more sf goodness both here and on SF Signal.

Irregulars... that's a lot better than being one of the Expendables. Less chance of getting dysentery crawling through some bacteria-infested creek somewhere with bad guys shooting at you. That'd be like having to eat bagels.

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