Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Star Trek" vs "Star Wars" Debate Rehashed - This Time Courtesy of CBC

CBC radio’s “Sounds Like Canada” hosted a debate on Friday (Nov. 16) on that classic sci-fi uber-geek grudge match: “Star Trek” vs “Star Wars”.

Author Robert J. Sawyer took to the field on behalf of Trek. Defending the honour of “Star Wars”: Calgary IT systems analyst Devon Cameron. The debate had its moments, although I found the host to be a bit of a dweeb and he and his producers could have chosen a better sound clip from “Star Wars”.

At any rate, the show’s been saved as a podcast on the Mothercorp’s site. So, for your enjoyment (or copious eye-rolling), here’s the link to CBC’s “Star Trek” vs “Star Wars” debate.

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