Friday, November 21, 2008

3 Years Already?

It was a foggy, wet Lower Mainland night three years ago when I sat down and wrote this first post on bloginhood, babbling about how Bradbury is kinda like butter. Since then I've mused about other authors and their books, movies, comics, TV, and geek culture in general; reported from 'cons; griped at TV producers; posted Battlestar photos; launched a spinoff blog; and even tried to stage a mock Martian invasion as an homage to two great storytellers with last names that sounded the same.

Three years later, it's a cold, wet, very, very windy Lower Mainland night and I still think Bradbury's kinda like butter, and somehow, despite occasional absences for weeks on end due to other requirements in my life, medical mishaps, or just plain laziness, I'm still here on the old soapbox of SF, still rambling on. It's been a lot of fun having a venue to spout off about SF, the greatest passion in my life - well, okay, that is the second greatest passion after my wife - unless she's nagging me to lose some weight, in which case SF is definitely the greatest passion in my life. And it's been a real pleasure to have all of you come around to share the experience. Thank you for joining me. Thanks especially to those of you who talk back - especially those of you who call me on the occasional mistake! As much fun as it is to sit here and think out loud, it's even more fun to have conversations with you guys. I've enjoyed every moment.

Here's to another year of SF-related rants! Welcome!

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