Friday, November 21, 2008

Southpark Becomes Reality

You know you've made the wrong move when you back Eric Cartman. Or, at least you should.

Apparently, a group of little shitheads out in Comox and up in Prince George haven't figured that out though. Inspired by a Southpark episode from I think it was 2 years ago (maybe only last year), they've tried to organize a "National Kick a Ginger Day" today on Facebook. The fact that this thing attracted nearly 5,000 people, many pledging to follow through with violence against redheads, makes it disturbingly like Cartman's Omega Man-esque cult (spawned simply as a means to achieve his dream of eliminating Kyle).

It's one thing to chuckle at the ridiculous lengths Carman goes to in the episode to persecute Kyle - last Christmas at a party a buddy and I were tossing around lines from that episode, and I'm a redhead myself and found it funny (he called me the "Daywalker" because, like Kyle, I'm a redhead who doesn't burn quite as quickly as other, fairer gingers do). But it's quite another for some braindead, sadistic hillbilly punk to figure he oughta start phasing-in Cartman's plan and get others to join in.

Clearly, they were too stupid to pick up on what that episode was really about - that Cartman is a hateful little shit and one way or another that kind of persecution is bound to fail. And then Wendy will eventually kick his ass a year or two down the line, to the approval of everyone else. The question is, why we go easy on little bastards like that, and why wasn't the ass-kicking force of the law brought down on them harder for what, despite the comments of the RCMP spokesperson, really does amount to inciting hatred?

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