Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Allegedly Renovated Doctor's Interdimensional Spacecraft

The word from the Mirror.co.uk (thanks for the heads-up, Steve!) is that the powers-that-be over at the BBC have ordered a reno for the interior of the TARDIS as part of the switch to the 11th Doctor. The report says the exterior of the vessel will get an improvement to its quality.

While the organic and somewhat dark interior of the current TARDIS design is a bit weird, it's also condusive to a somewhat intimate feeling and does a good job of focussing the audience's attention on the interplay between the Doctor (9th or 10th, take your pick) and whichever Companion is along for the ride. It's also got the feeling of being aged and well-used - something that's tramped its way across the universe a few times, gotten beaten up along the way but always able to face the next challenge.

So if the old girl is going to get an interior design treatment, what sort of new look to you think it should have? (aside from the claims in the report of it being "intricate" and "hitech"?)

I'm thinking an early 80's tiki bar. You heard me: wacky tiki god idols on the walls (and maybe also as stools), a grass overhang above a bamboo bar, brightly-coloured drinks topped with fruit and paper umbrellas, Don Ho music playing in the background, and the Doctor presiding in a loud Hawaiian shirt. ; )
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