Friday, June 12, 2009

Jeff Bridges Talks about What Made Him Look Evil in Ironman

Actor Jeff Bridges has been in Vancouver for a while shooting Tron 2 and today made an appearance local radio station Rock 101's morning show with host Bro Jake to play some vinyl and shoot the breeze.

At one point during the show, amidst the typical DJ banter, Bridges was asked about Tron, Tron 2 and Ironman. Aside from mentioning a weird, Tron-inspired drawing on Bridges' website (scroll down through various weird drawings), nothing particularly noteworthy came up in the discussion about the videogame-related movie or its sequel-in-production. However, when they turned to the subject of Ironman, Bridges (now sporting a full head of hair again) was asked whether going bald made him feel evil. The actor responded that it was actually the beard that made him evil.

You can watch the entire 2-hour Jeff Bridges interview and record-playing session on the Rock 101 website. The SF-related talk is on Part 1, at the 00:13:10 mark. While the schtick from the DJ's is tiresome and the commercials are, well, commercials, the show's also worth listening to for Bridges' music picks, including some of his own tunes, which are pretty good.

So beards are evil and bald is okay, huh? (Star Trek lied to us all those years - insinuating that a goatee was enough to be evil!)

Does that mean I should shave my beard off and quite fretting over my receding hairline, or get rid of the mop that's left, get my beard all big and ZZ Top lookin' and be a total badass? Okay, with me it's more like total fat ass than badass. So much for aspiring to be a supervillain. Sigh. May as well leave the beard as-is, accept the gradual hair loss, and stay in the mediocre middle. Let's hear it for average!

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