Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Aurora Award Vote

I promised the other day that I'd quit procrastinating and get my Aurora Award voting out of the way. After all, I don't want to miss out on backing my favourites for Canada's SF awards. Bad enough that I wasted my chance to weigh-in on the final ballot for the Hugos by missing Friday's deadline (damn eastern time poll closures!). So, I filed my Aurora vote online tonight - well before the July 15th deadline.

Here are my choices for the 2009 Aurora Awards:

Best Long-Form Work in English
Identity Theft and Other Stories by Robert J Sawyer

Best Long-Form Work in French
-no vote-

Best Short-Form Work in English
"Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks Alberta" by Randy McCharles

Best Short-Form Work in French
-no vote-

Best Work in English (Other)
(here I exercised the preferential balloting option)
On Spec magazine - first choice
Tesseracts Twelve - second choice
Neo-opsis magazine - third choice
The Gaslight Grimoire - fourth choice

Best Work in French (Other)
-no vote-

Artistic Achievement
-no vote-

Fan Achievement (Fanzine)
-no vote-

Fan Achievement (Organizational)
-no vote-

Fan Achievement (Other)
-no vote-

To top it all off, I finally got around to booking my hotel room in Montreal for Anticipation/Worldcon (wouldn't do much good to have my con registration and the plane tickets booked without a bunk for the night!). How's that for having everything in order?

Just over one month and counting...
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