Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Anticipating WorldCon

Wednesday is the big day... I'm leaving work at noon to catch a mid-afternoon flight to Montreal for WorldCon.

The plan is to post a full summary of each day's adventures here. I'll apologize in advance for weird formatting and paragraph breaks that may not make much sense - my iPhone is pretty handy for blogging on the fly, but the paragraph formating I see on the phone's screen isn't always what shows up here once I hit send. Oh well, it's the content that counts. Sort of.

From time to time, I may post a photo or two. (I'll try to upload good photos off the camera when I can, but failing that I may post the odd shot of less-than-perfect quality from my phone's camera if I run into something cool that I want to send right away).

For quick, as-it-happens highlights (including updates from the Aurora and Hugo ceremonies), I'll be tweeting from whatever events I'm at throughout each day, so be sure to follow me on Twitter as well.

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