Friday, August 07, 2009

WorldCon - Aurora Award Roundup

In case you missed my as-it-happens tweets of the Aurora Awards
results from earlier thus evening, here's a recap:

Award for Fan Achievement - Fanzine: The Original Universe

Artistic Achievement Award: Lar Desouza

Award for Best Work in French - Other: Solaris magazine

Award for Best Work in English - Other: Neo Opsis magazine

Award for Fan Achievement - Organizational: Randy McCharled for the
World Fantasy Convention

Award for Bedt Short Form Work in English : Randy McCharles for
"Ringing in the Changes in Okotoks, Alberta"

Award for Best Short Form Work in French: Jean-Louis Trudel (missed
the story title because it went by too quickly en francais)

Award for Fan Achievement - Other: Joan Sherman for the Heather Dale

Award for Best Long Form Work in French: Michele Laframboise for Les
Vents du Tamerlane

Award for Best Long Form Work in English (presented by Ed The Sock!):
Edward Willett for Marseguro

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