Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Darth Fiddler Preyed upon by Thugs from the Dark Side

Geeks and non-geeks alike are outraged after local news outlets have reported Victoria busker Darth Fiddler has been attacked by thugs.

The violin-playing Sith lord has been a fixture for years in the city's historic and touristy Inner Harbour area. His repertoire includes a mean rendition of the Imperial March.

Darth Fiddler as always been one of the highlights for us when my wife and I make the occasional trip across the Straight of Georgia to the capital. In fact, I remember a few years ago when I was working with an organization that was holding its annual convention in Victoria's Empress Hotel, and there were a couple of days that were just absolute hell in terms of putting up with undeserved crap from the boss (who could have been a Sith lord herself, except for her profound lack of intelligence and eerie resemblance to a Vogon in a blond wig), but at the end of the day, when I had a few hours to myself, I'd amble around the Inner Harbour, and seeing Darth Fiddler capering about sawing madly away on his black instrument always put a smile on my face.

I hope Darth Fiddler recovers soon and hits the streets again to share the Force of his musical talents.

Meanwhile, I hope the cops catch the nurf-herders who beat him and toss them into a trash compactor.