Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More on the Tragedy of "The Commons"

If you’ve followed the comments section of my previous post and its review of “The Commons” by Matt Hughes, you’ll want to check out SF Signal. John’s got a great review of the book and I continue our discussion in his comments section. I still disagree with his contention that it’s a good book – the characterization just isn’t strong enough to warrant liking it. That being said, John makes some good comments about just how interesting Hughes’ Commons is as a setting.

Another good review of “The Commons”, especially if you disagree with me, is John Clute’s (different John) Excessive Candour column over on scifi.com.

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John D. said...

I'm sure Mr. Clute would be happy to know that he shares mention in a post with your truly. :)

I have a follow-up comment in my review. Sigh...Blogs don't easily allow linear conversation flow, alas.