Thursday, December 25, 2008

To Boldly Go Where No Hairpiece Has Gone Before

I was watching some of the Trek films earlier this evening as Space began its "Trek-mas" holiday Star Trek movie marathon. When these flicks are seen back-to-back, you start to notice how Shatner's hairpieces change through the years. In fact, inadvertantly tracking his toupees becomes one hell of a distraction. How much of the special effects budgets were sunk into those things?

This, of course, got me wondering what happened to the rugs in question when shooting was done? Were they left to gather dust in some Hollywood warehouse? Were they used as dusters in some Hollywood warehouse? Were they donated to some charity for balding trekkies who want to look like their hero (a question which causes me to flash back to a few scenes from the hilarious "Trekkies" documentaries with Denise Crosby)? Or did they suck up enough of Shatner's larger-than-life personality through his scalp to take on lives of their own and participate in wig races like the one from Muppet Sports? Truly, a disturbing thought, and not the kind I want to have on Christmas Eve as I head to bed. I think I'll concentrate on visions of sugar plums or something else pleasant - then again, pretty much anything's more pleasant than the hair of the Shat.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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