Thursday, May 07, 2009

And You Think Things Are Tough on Your Train/Subway

A friend at the office was on the Translink (Metro Vancouver's transit authority) website today and found a link to this little made-for-TV trinket from 1989:

The Trial of the Incredible Hulk!

Bruce Banner musters up the courage to try to save a woman from some thugs on a commuter train/subway, and when they make the mistake of putting the boots to him and getting him angry, well, that's when Hulk SMASH! (not that he actually articulates "Hulk smash", but you get the drift)

I remember that I watched this flick way back when, but I don't actually remember it. Quite a surprise to check the write-up and find that John Rhys-Davies starred as The Kingpin. Certainly it was years before he was in town to shoot Sliders.

On the whole, all of the made-for-TV Hulk movies from the late 80's were pretty forgettable. I only have clear memories of one where Hulk was going nose-to-nose with Thor (who kept referring to the big green guy as a troll), and then the last one, The Death of the Incredible Hulk, with that scene at the end where Banner goes all Hulk on some badguys in a plan, and that shot of the plane blowing up in mid-air with the Hulk falling, then a cut to the Hulk lying on cracked pavement then turning back to Banner. Dead of course.

I guess Translink must have posted the link to the clip because the train/subway scene was shot on one of the Skytrains and in a Skytrain station (Granville Station, I think?). First the Hulk goes nuts on a Skytrain in the 80's, then fastforward to this year when Caprica debuts and the Skytrain (standing in for transit on Caprica) gets blown to smithereens by some teenaged religious fanatic. It's rough when you're a piece of public transportation infrastructure!

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