Monday, September 28, 2009

Cutting It Close

Four days to go until VCon 34 (as its site reminds us) and still no sign of the schedule. They found time to post the complete guest list, which, given the advance promotion and the roster at the past couple of cons, doesn't really contain too many surprises. But no sign of the schedule. I know these things tend to be late-breaking due to last minute changes and the demands on time from non-con parts of life. And for that reason I hate to bitch about it, but I'm gonna 'cause there ought to be enough information to post some semblance of a schedule by the week of the con! Even if in order to do so it requires that wonderful catch-all preface "subject to change". From a con-goer's perspective, it certainly helps to have some idea of what's going on when to help plan the weekend (irrespective of the die-hards who live at the con for the duration). A little love for the attendees, guys. Please.

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