Friday, April 02, 2010

The Adventures of Captain Cyclops

I've been offline for a while because last week I had to go into the hospital for emergency eye surgery. Remember June/July 2008? Same thing, but this time it was the right eye's retina that became partially detached. Recovery is going fine, though vision is still a bit blurry in that eye and the eye itself looks unpleasantly like a maraschino cherry.

What's been really frustrating is that in a week off of work, because of the slow vision recovery, I haven't been able to read, nor have I been able to use the 'net.

Anyhow, no sooner has that been settled, than I'm not off on a 3 week trip to Asia.

Will be missing several episodes of Caprica, Flashforward and V, and will miss the debut of the 11th Doctor Who, but the fun of the trip will make it worth while. Will log on once in a while as I'm able to do the odd post.

Eye'll be seeing you!

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