Wednesday, September 01, 2010

bloginhood to open Sci Fi Trading Post

I'm proud to announce I'll be opening a new business soon: Sci Fi Trading Post, an online used bookstore selling science fiction and fantasy novels, and comics.

The site's currently under construction, thanks to ace web designer, former colleague, SF & comic fanboy, and good friend Steve Rowe. In the meantime, he's set up a cool cover page that's worth looking at. While visiting the site, you can leave your email if you'd like me to inform you when Sci Fi Trading Post is open for business.

Meanwhile, another former colleague of mine who's a graphic designer is working on a logo. I'm looking forward to unveiling that in a little while.

In terms of stock, I've contributed a few books and comics from my personal collection, and have been quietly acquiring gently used novels over the past couple of months and the selection will continue to grow.

So why open an online second hand bookstore? Simple: I love books, the weight and shape and smell and feel of them, and most especially the stories within. I want to help other SF fans find books that will entertain and challenge them, enriching their reading experiences as they enlarge their personal collections. I'd like to think there's a world for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to opening the doors at the Sci Fi Trading Post.

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