Monday, September 15, 2014

Photos from Loncon3 - and Beyond

Well, the wife and I have been back from Loncon3 and the rest of our trip around England and Scotland for about two weeks now, and having sorted through the zillions of photos we took, I figured I'd share a few with you.

These are all from Worldcon, but I may share a few others from the trip in the next day or so.

Enjoy! - or feel free to mock.

The Helsinki 2017 bid wasted no time at Loncon - hitting up people lining up to register on the morning of Day 1 by handing out candy. I'll give the Fins a lot of credit, they want that Worldcon, and they want it bad, and they worked very hard to bring people onside.
Admittedly, I'm probably more likely to register and vote next year in Montreal's favour, because it's a Canadian city, a lot closer, a lot cheaper, and it would be cool for Worldcon to be there for Canada's 150th birthday and Montreal's 375th birthday. But, if it has to go to anyone else, I really hope it's Finland.
Still, I haven't eaten that candy yet. I'm afraid I'll lose consciousness and wake up a week later in an elk-hide tent in the middle of Lapland, trimming birch boughs for some crazy Finnish family's sauna (I'm looking at you, Mark Karjaluoto!).

The Loncon 3 program guides. Very cool. So cool, in fact, that I even lugged the big one back home to Vancouver, somehow finding room in my overstuffed suitcase.

"Take me with you, Doctor!"
Now we know why the Doctor keeps the door locked when he's out and about. Some people just aren't cut out to be Companions.

Vancouver's White Dwarf Books leaves its mark - or bookmarks, as the case may be - on the Loncon 3 freebies table.

Deadpool and his buddy were just so awesome, I couldn't pass up the chance to put them in the crosshairs - of my camera, that is. Bonus points to the cosplayer behind Deadpool's mask who did a fine job of imitating the assassin's banter.

A whisky bottle display and map of Scotland in honour of the late Iain M. Banks.

"...And onto this, bloginhood, destined to wear a receding hairline upon a troubled brow."


A Game of Nerds

My wife definitely looks more regal than I do.

(above) A multitude of Millennium Falcons

(left) A very detailed replica of Solo's ship

(above) Here's one droid the Jawas won't be loading on their sandcrawler. Delete that little sucker, Cyberman!

(left) A chorusline of cosplayers

(below) More cosplayers

This mini steampunk Dalek just wants to exterminate the contents of your coal scuttle.

This Dalek, a member of the Cult of Tiki, is known for having screamed at the Doctor: "You will hula! Hula! HUUUUULAAAAAA!"

The photo of this Drow isn't out of focus, he's just moving with incredible lethal speed.  ;)

This photo is out of focus, which is too bad, because Brian Aldiss was very entertaining as he shared a lifetime's worth of career recollections.

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