Saturday, March 15, 2008

Another Con in the Works

Looks like the organizers behind VCon, the annual Vancouver science fiction, fantasy and gaming convention, are getting the ball rolling for this year’s event. They’ve made their first update of the year on the VCon website; keep your eye out for more as preparations for the 33rd SF shindig move forward.

In other con news, I’ve been stopping by the Anticipation site every now and then to see how preparations are going for Worldcon 67 in Montreal. I didn’t have the cash to make it out to the one in Toronto years ago and my wife and I have got too much on the go this year to fly down to Denver for Denvention 3 – the 66th Worldcon, so we figured we’d definitely head to La Belle Province for the 2009 edition. We’ll probably extend the trip with a jaunt into Ontario to see friends and family afterward. So far, the Anticipation crew seems to be putting together a good lineup of guests. Just waiting to see their streams. At some point I’ll have to get around to registering before the price goes up. Mind you, it’s not the price of membership that bugs me, it’s what the price of oil/gas will do to transportation costs to get there! Oh, Doc Brown, patron saint of wacky inventions, where’s that trash-powered, flying car when I need one?!

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