Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lucky Bastard

One of my wife’s coworkers, who happens to be a fellow "Battlestar Galactica" fanboy, got a very nice package in the mail yesterday – a copy of the script for the Season 1 episode “33” signed by 9 of the leading cast members! Seems he has a buddy who worked on the BSG production here in Vancouver in some capacity who asked the stars to sign the script. Nice to have friends like that, huh?


Kirstin said...

What a lucky guy!

BTW, Macleans magazine's current issue (April 7, 2008) has a big piece on Battlestar Galactica. Some spoilers in it, though.

If you're looking for the issue, it's the one that has a little Katee Sackhoff on the top of the cover. :)

Robin Shantz said...

Thanks, drakkenfyre! I've posted a link to the Maclean's article here on the old soapbox.