Monday, June 11, 2007


Canada’s Space: The Imagination Station gave out its annual “Spacey” awards for the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror film, TV and video games this evening. Viewers pick the winners in some of the categories while the channel’s staff pick the others.
I must admit I’m feeling like a bit of a sore loser after having watched the production… very few of my picks garnered prizes this year.
At least it was entertaining to watch host Jonathan Llyr hamming it up between the awards (like getting boxed into doing set security on “Stargate Atlantis”). Host Natasha Eloi is always fun to watch too. Hats off to the various guest producers like Bruce Boxleitner, Katee Sackhoff and Bryan Singer. And while it’s always nice to watch host Kim Poirier, listening to her is quite another matter. The girl still hasn’t learned how to be at ease on-camera – waaaaaay too much posing and forced dialogue delivery (she could put Shatner to shame sometimes).
Check out the Spaceys page for the winners by category.

And speaking of Canadian SF awards…

If you’re a Canuck who loves speculative fiction, whether you’re at home or abroad, remember to get your votes in for this year’s Aurora Awards (nomination forms can be downloaded from the Awards’ site). The deadline for mailing your nominations is June 15.

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