Saturday, June 16, 2007

Update On Aurora Award Nominations

There’s been an update on this year’s Aurora Awards: the nomination submission deadline has been extended to July 23rd.
Good news for anyone who wanted more time to think or who missed Friday’s original deadline.
I managed to get mine in on time, but not without a fair amount of consternation. Nominating the three best Canadian short stories this year was easy; there were lots of great ones to choose from – in fact, it was very tough to choose. I picked Dave Whittier’s “Coming Back to Kabul” from the Summer 2006 edition of On Spec, “Threshold of Perception” by Scott Mackay from “Tesseracts Ten” and Sandra Kasturi’s “Frankenstein’s Monster’s Wife’s Therapist”, also from “Tesseracts Ten”.
There were also a few good titles for the category for anthologies.
The section that should be easy, and the one that this year was impossible for me, was the novel category. Unfortunately, I’d read only one novel published in 2006 by a Canadian author, Bakker’s “The Thousandfold Thought”, and there was no way I was going to nominate that steaming pile of crap. There’s a nice big list of eligible books on the Canadian SF Works Database. Sadly, the closest I’ve come to any of the others is to make a note to add a couple to my “to read” pile. Not having read them, I couldn’t in good conscience nominate any. And I’m never happy when I have to leave a section of a nomination form blank.
At any rate, if you’re a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, make sure you get your nomination form in.

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