Tuesday, June 05, 2007

"Babylon 5: The Lost Tales" Trailer

Spacecast.com’s Hypaspace page is running a link to the official “Babylon 5” page on the Warner Brothers site featuring a trailer for the new direct-to-DVD movie “Babylon 5: The Lost Tales”. Click on the “Main Menu” icon. It’ll automatically run a trailer for the B5 series, but if you click on “The Lost Tales” tab next to it the TLT movie trailer should start up.
Normally I don’t like to get into speculations about what’s coming up, but B5 is one of the most intelligent, one of the all-around best television shows ever, so I feel a little fanboy gushing is permissible. If there’s nothing on TV and I’m hankering for some high-quality sci-fi, there’s a good chance I’ll pull one of the seasons of B5 off my video shelf and watch a favourite episode or two. Once every 15 or 16 months or so, I’ll watch the whole series again (sometimes followed by the movies collection and “Crusade”).
Admittedly, I’m a little cautious, given the universal tomato-throwing “The Legend of the Rangers” earned. I still haven’t seen that one yet (can’t rent it locally, it’s only available for purchase), but one of these days I’ll spend a few bucks to see for myself what was so bad and to try to figure out how Andreas Katsulas would get involved with it.
That being said, the trailer for TLT doesn’t look half bad, so I’m remaining cautiously optimistic.

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