Wednesday, November 11, 2009

13 an Unlucky Number for the Devil and His Witches

The CBC is reporting ABC will cancel Eastwick (based on the John Updike novel The Witches of Eastwick) after its 13th episode airs.

It's too bad. I wasn't able to watch more than two episodes because the hours of my new job require that I turn in a little earlier and I kept forgetting to tape it, but from what I saw it was a well-built show. Paul Gross revelled in his devilry, but gave us a different small town prince of darkness than Jack Nicholson did back in the 80's in the cinematic version, and made it work. And the rest of the cast, including Rebecca Romijn, did a great job too.

I was hoping to be able to catch this one in reruns between seasons, but I guess it's bad luck all around.

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