Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Waters of Cool

Warning: Spoilers
(spoilage factor: about the same as rinsing a shiny new carrot in water from a Martian glacier)

The rain's bulleting against BC in the third night of a windstorm that's pretty much determined to put the smackdown on life in these parts. A night of wild elements like this is perfect for watching The Doctor square off against some decidedly hostile H2O. A perfect night for The Waters of Mars.

This latest Doctor Who installment has the Timelord fall in with the crew of the first human colony on Mars right around the time when they fall prey to something in the water. The tension cranks to the breaking point as the lifeform takes over one crew member after another and the station is brought down around their ears. As things get utterly hopeless, the last-minute rescue shows there might be something more terrible than water monsters - the Doctor's ego.

As with any of the 10th Doctor episodes, the characters do so much running around that you're left breathless and experiencing chest pains just watching them. A couple of good jokes about this too add enough of a gear-shift every now and then to remind us it's a Doctor Who episode rather than a James Cameron film.

It was deeply absorbing to watch the Doctor struggle with his conscience throughout the episode, but especially to see the scenes where the colony's leader, Captain Adelaide, holds him to account.

Certainly a fine addition to the series as the clock winds down for the 10th Doctor.

Thanks to Steve for passing this one along.

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