Thursday, October 30, 2008

BLITWOTW - Craters?

Are you guys seeing any of this coverage on TV about craters? Thousands of them around the world - mostly in or near cities/towns/villages/population centres, but some out in the wilderness too.
Police seem to be keeping the media back in most cases - hard to find any clear shots on the local TV channels of what's actually in the craters - not helping either that they're treating this as a curiousity story - not the lead yet.
Not much word from politicians, police officials or military out this way either. Media haven't been quick to wake up any scientists yet but one of the radio stations had a guy from UBC talking about meteorites and previously uncatalogued comets and stuff. Didn't really have an answer when the reporter asked why so many came down at once and why so many actually made it to Earth. Certainly no-one's using the A-word yet! LOL!

Funny thing though - Is it just me, or looking at the aerial footage, do all of these craters look to be about the same size? Gonna do a quick 'net search before heading off to work to see if anyone's posted any amateur footage with more detail.

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