Friday, October 24, 2008

Unca Bloginhood - Again? And, Learning to Say "Martian"

Good news from the extended family today – my brother and his wife just had a baby girl last night. I was over at the hospital earlier this evening to meet little Monica for the first time. It’ll be interesting to see if she grows up to be an SF fan. Certainly she’s got good influences in that regard: the SF force runs strong in my family. I’m a fanboy (obviously), my brother’s a fan, and my 2-and-a-half-year-old nephew (Monica’s big brother Fin) is already well on his way to appreciating the genre. Already he’ll sit down and happily sing the “Star Wars” theme music. And just last night I was helping to take care of him while his parents were at the hospital, and I gave him a book: “Goodnight Goon” by Michael Rex – not only did he love all of the monsters in it, but there was an illustration of “Martians taking over the Moon” (appropriate since Uncle Bloginhood is staging the Blog Like It’s The War Of The Worlds online challenge next week over on Not A Planet Anymore), and while I was reading it to him, I got him to say “Martian” for the very first time. I tell ya, there are few prouder moments in a geeky uncle’s life than when he teaches his nephew to say “Martian”.

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