Thursday, October 30, 2008

BLITWOTW - they're shooting at us!

They've started shooting! I just saw a whole crowd get wiped out.

I've been home for about half an hour now and this is the first I've left the living room couch. I've gotta say I'm having real trouble sitting here upstairs by the window in our computer room. Tough to type this when I'm twitching to look out the window every five seconds.

I was driving home, just coming down Garden City with the big DND field up ahead. Looked like there'd been a grass fire or something. Lots of dirt and turf heaped up near the road where the crater must be. Lots of cars crowded around and the Mounties had that side of the road blocked off. People everywhere trying to get closer. Traffic on my side of the road was getting slow. I was thinking about just putting on the blinkers and getting out and walking over but then the shooting or whatever started. Started so quick I don't think I realized what was going on for a minute or so.

Suddenly there was this kind of buzzing, a flash of light and where a big chunk of the crowd had been up ahead there was just falling ash. Then I realize there's screaming - some of it's me and some of it's the crowd 'cause the ones near the bodies/victims/ash heaps or whatever were on fire - maybe they were too close or something. I don't know. The buzzing kicks in again and more people around the crater are gone and the rest start to stampede.

Then this big thing/machine/mech/tank/I dunno/whatever starts to unfold or stand up in the pit and there's another flash of light from what I'm guessing is some kind of cannon hanging off of an arm or something, and more of the crowd dies and a bunch of cars blow up. That causes shrapnel to start pinging into the cars even as far away as I was like a bunch of ninja throwing stars. One piece punched into one of my side mirrors. That's when I came to my senses, thought "That's enough of this shit!" and deked out of the line and onto the sidewalk (nice to drive a Japanese sub-compact sometimes) and down Alderbridge towards the centre of town. More flashes and explosions in the background.

Now I'm home and I've gotta get a hold of my wife and change my pants and feed the cat so he'll stop bugging me and sit here and think a bit and check the local media and

sorry about that. It's tough.

That goddamn thing must've been 20-30 meters high by the time it stood up - fuckin' big at any rate. Looked like an odd-shaped dome or teacup or something mounted on top of a three-legged milking stool (how can you tell I spent part of my childhood in dairy farming country?) with a bunch of ropes or, god, tentacles or something hanging down and twitching around, and, of course, that fucking laser gun or maser or particle beam cannon or over-charged proctological flashlight or whatever the hell it was. Then there was this weird wire-egg-basket looking thing mounted behind the dome. And it hooted. Don't ask me why. Maybe some kind of rebel yell or something as it was putting the smackdown on Little China. I dunno.

I've gotta get the radio on or something to find out what's happening.

Anyone else know what the hell is going on? Are these damn things coming out of every crater? Who'd we piss off?

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