Thursday, October 30, 2008

BLITWOTW - they're artificial

This is getting weird now. Local media are starting to report that whatever came down last night and made all those craters are artificial. The shots they're posting to their sites are a bit clearer than earlier today - you can make out straight lines and edges and smooth rounded surfaces - not hunks of rock anyway. Still wondering if these are some kind of demi-satellites or something from a ballsy corporate PR stunt. But then again, my Spider Sense is tingling, as it were (yes, I know you can get a cream to alleviate that) and I'm starting to wonder, if these things aren't natural, and no-one has owned up to them yet...

Anyhow, one of the craters is in the big greenspace near the old Department of National Defense lands just off Garden City road, so I'm going to call it an early day and head home - see what I can see as I pass by. The boss should give the okay - not much to do today except edit articles for one of our organization's publications, which I can do from home.

Has anyone else had a chance to get close to one of these things yet?

I know E Dragon and crotchetyoldfan were mentioning over on Not A Planet Anymore that they'd seen lights in the sky last night too - up on the North Coast and back east in New Hampshire. For his part, harrysaxon's admitting to seeing a couple of flashes just south of where I live, but I think he's hedging because he probably thinks they're just afterimages from too much gaming last night.

Anyhow, I'll let ya know what I see, if it's possible to get close enough to see anything.

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